Event Calendar Help

The Lenoir CC Events Calendar lists events at Lenoir CC, and also Lenoir CC events held away from campus (such as away sporting events). Each event includes as much of the following as is available:

  • Event title
  • Date, time, and location of the event
  • A brief description of the event
  • Ticket information
  • Contact information (name, phone number, and e-mail address)
  • Web link for more information

Calendar Views

There are three "views" of the event calendar: daily view, weekly view, and monthly view. All three views show the same events, but in different formats. There is also a Daily Announcements View. This view shows the events for a week in a printable form starting with the current date.


Calendar navigation tools are located at the top of each calendar view. Each view has similar navigation capabilities:

  • Click on the or icons to go to the previous or next day/week/month, depending on the view (the daily view moves a day at a time, the monthly view a month at a time).

  • You can jump back to the current day by clicking (daily view), (weekly view), or (monthly view). If you are viewing the current day/week/month, these buttons simply reload the page.

  • On the daily view and monthly view, you can select a specific day or month from now until the year 2004, using the drop-down selection boxes at the top right of the view. Pick the day or month you would like to see, and click Go!.

  • You can change from any view to another view by clicking the appropriate link:
    • From the Daily View, click to go to the weekly view, or to go to the monthly view. These buttons will jump to the week or month of the day you are currently viewing.

    • From the Weekly View, click to go to the monthly view of the week you are currently viewing, or click to switch to the daily view with today's information (regardless of which week you are viewing). To switch to the daily view for a day in the week you are viewing, click on the day of the week (in white text).

    • From the Monthly View, click to switch to the weekly view or to switch to the daily view. these buttons will jump to today's date. To view the daily or weekly information for the month you are currently viewing, click on VIEW WEEK (at the top of each Sunday) to go to the weekly view, or click on the day of the month to go to the daily view.
  • To view a printable version of the campus events called Daily Announcements, click on the icon.
  • You can view the General Announcements by clicking on the icon. This is a page containing the campus announcements for the week.

Viewing Event Detail

The monthly and weekly views show the title, location, date, and time of every event. The daily view shows this information, as well as a brief description of the event. To view additional information about an event, click on the event title. A small window will pop up with more information. To return to the calendar view, click the close button on the pop-up window.

Searching and Filtering

Each view of the event calendar has a drop-down box that will let you filter the view to show all events, or only the following types of events: Admissions, Athletic, Auditorium - Admin Bldg, Board Room - Admin Bldg, Bullock Bldg - Room 150, Business, Class, College Union - Room 104, Continuing Education, Entertainment, Faculty/Staff, General, Gym, Meeting, Recruiting, Student. If you would like to see only the events of a certain type, pick the type of event you want from the list, and click Go!.

To search the calendar for particular events, click You will be able to search events during a given time span, search only certain types of events (such as sporting events), search for events in a particular building, and search on a given word or phrase.

Adding and Updating Events

Obviously, the on-line event calendar is most helpful if all campus events are included. If you are hosting an event that is not listed, or have more information on an event that is already on the calendar, you can submit a request to place or update your event on the calendar. If you are reporting an event not yet on the calendar, submit e-mail to either the MIS Department calendar@email.lenoir.cc.nc.us or one of the Dean's secretaries. Fill out the e-mail with information on your event.

If you have more information about an event already on the calendar, send an update via e-mail to calendar@email.lenoir.cc.nc.us.

In either case, a staff member responsible for maintaining the calendar will review your submission and then post the event to the calendar. Please allow two working days for your event to appear on the calendar.

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